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Last Updated: Wednesday Oct 22, 2014 6:39 pm

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Video, Images: Gunmen Open Fire at Canadian War Memorial & Parliament Building

Solider is killed by gunman at national memorial in Ottawa. More >

  • Islam Convert Strikes Two Canadian Soldiers in Quebec
  • Colorado Teens Caught Trying to Join ISIS
  • Maryland Trooper Struck During Traffic Stop
  • Schools Closed After Sightings of Pennsylvania Gunman
  • Missouri Officer Killed, Ejected During Response Crash
  • Indiana Serial Killer in Custody; More Victims Likely
  • Videos: Violence During New Hampshire Parties

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    Street Smarts & Book Smarts Vital for Law Enforcement Leaders

    Seeking higher education can help boost leadership skills

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    Lessons By the Decades: The Columbine High School Massacre

    Rapid deployment, rescue & trauma care are most important

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    End of Watch—12 Officers Lost in September

    As the month ended, the year's LODD toll stood at 81


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    The Expansion of Social Media in Policing

    What the Redwood City PD is doing now By JR Gamez

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    Leading for Different Learning Styles

    Effective leadership speaks to the needs of each individual By Dave Grossi

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    Lessons from Ferguson

    Incident provides a learning experience for all LEOs By Dale Stockton


    Gary Serial Killer Showed Earlier Signs of Violence

    Court records as far back as 10 years ago document acts against women. More >

    How Atlanta PD Uses Surveillance Technology to Deter Crime

    Operation Shield the ultimate public-private partnership More >

    Missouri Officer Killed, Ejected During Response Crash

    State police believe Alton officer was not wearing his seat belt. More >

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